lunes, 7 de agosto de 2017

Princess Snow White

Hello everyone! I'm trying to update the blog with the patterns I have made in the past months, so Snow White has been in my Etsy Shop for a couple of months now.

She measures 7.5" approx. and she is a completely hand-sewn and hand embroidery felt plush. The pattern includes pieces to make the doll, her removable skirt, the basket and the little red apples.

Snow White is very fond of little animals, so now she nestle this little two in her skirt, they started to bring flowers and leaves to form a comfy home, so it is probably soon there will be more than two. 

These apples are the "good" ones, I made sure the evil queen didn't cast any magic spell on them!! 

I hope you like her! You can find the pattern here.

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