lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

Sylvanian Families Mini Series

Welcome to my Sylvanian Families mini house! I got this gift from my sweet husband on Mother's day this year, it came all the way from Japan!!! I was planning on taking the pictures and uploading them in May, but things around here have been very busy lately,  my nephew was born in July, he's so cute!! and I have been taking time to visit him and help my sister to bath him :) 

The house is just adorable, here you can see all the rooms. I loved the fact that you have to put the stickers on the furniture and on the walls and assemble the house, it was so much fun! 

In the picture above you can see my "Chocolate Rabbit Mom" (Normal size) standing next to the house so you can compare the sizes.

Very little tea cups, table and piano but so well made. 

They came in these boxes, one box for each room and the backyard, each box comes with a bag with candies too. I hope you are having happy days filled with small or big toys, and nice surprises ≧◡≦! xx

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